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          企業文化 Culture

          • 分類:關于我們
          • 發布時間:2020-08-13 00:00:00
          • 訪問量:0

          誠實守信 ——堅持實事求是,做到言行一致,表里如一,信守承諾;對公司忠誠,員工任何應向公司匯報的工作信息,都應該如實反映。

          愛崗敬業 ——立足本職,努力鉆研業務;認真履行崗位職責,樹立強烈的事業心和責任感,高質量、高效率的完成自己承擔的各項任務。

          團結協作 ——大力弘揚團隊精神,同事間和睦相處,平等尊重,單位部門間緊密配合,不推諉扯皮,努力營造心情舒暢、溫暖和諧的工作氛圍。

          勤奮學習 ——熟悉掌握本職業務和工作技能,自覺學習新知識,掌握新技術,做本領域的行家里手;樹立終身學習的理念,積極倡導團隊學習,鼓勵知識共享。

          追求卓越 ——有強烈的市場意識,競爭意識,創新意識和危機意識;以崗位作為實現自我人生價值的基石,開拓進取,與偉業共同成長。同成長。

          Honesty and trustworthiness-insist on seeking truth from facts, be consistent with words and deeds, keep the promises; be loyal to the company, and any work information that employees should report to the company should be truthfully reflected.

          Love your job and work hard-based on your job, work hard to study your business; earnestly perform your job responsibilities, establish a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, and complete various tasks you undertake with high quality and efficiency.

          Unity and cooperation-vigorously promote team spirit, co-work with colleagues, equal respect, close cooperation between units and departments, without prevarication, and strive to create a comfortable, warm and harmonious working atmosphere.

          Diligent learning-familiarize yourself with your own business and work skills, consciously learn new knowledge, master new technology, and be an expert in this field; establish the concept of lifelong learning, actively advocate team learning, and encourage knowledge sharing.

          Pursue excellence ——Have a strong sense of market, competition, innovation and crisis; take the position as the cornerstone of realizing self-life value, forge ahead, and grow together with the great cause. Same growth.



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